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DVD: Chords And Lines In Motion

DVD: Chords And Lines In Motion

Format: DVD | Price: $24.95 |  Code: CLIM

In response to popular demand, noted jazz pianist, composer, author, and educator Andy LaVerne has created a unique and essential instructional DVD companion to his best selling book Chords In Motion.

Chords & Lines In Motion goes deep into the concepts and devices described in the book and adds complementary linear approaches to the mix. The DVD concludes with four performances of LaVerne originals based on standards. Andy is joined by his long time friend and musical collaborator, bass virtuoso Mike Richmond, and rising drum star Jason Tiemann. Read more.

Phil Woods Solos

Phil Woods Solos

Format: Book | Price: $15.00 |  Code: PWS

"This collection brings much-deserved attention to the masterful improvisations of alto saxophone great Phil Woods. Expertly rendered by Adam Turman, this is a collection of gems spanning 50 years selected in consultation with the artist. Every one of these solos is beautifully constructed and full of bebop wisdom. You will want to play them again and again!" - Tom Walsh, Professor of Sax & Jazz Studies, Indiana University. Read more.

Vol. 1

Vol. 1 "How To Play Jazz" For Piano

Format: Book/2 CDs | Price: $24.95 |  Code: V01P


by Jamey Aebersold, adapted by Luke Gillespie. Why should horn players have all of the fun? Now, the number one selling Jazz Improvisation book in the world has a whole new look! Introducing a new version of Jamey's world famous "Volume 1 - How To Play Jazz And Improvise," completely revised and specifically tailored for you by jazz pianist Luke Gillespie of the prestigious IU school of music. This edition is perfectly aligned with the original classic Sixth Edition that introduced tens of thousands of musicians to essential jazz fundamentals such as scale/chord relationships, note choices, etc. In this special edition, however, the text has been carefully edited and rewritten to speak specifically to pianists. Read more.

Vol. 1 How To Play Jazz  - For Guitar

Vol. 1 How To Play Jazz - For Guitar

Format: Book/CD | Price: $24.95 |  Code: V01G

Now, the number one selling jazz improv book in the world has a whole new look! Introducing Jamey's world famous "Volume 1" redesigned and revised specifically for guitar by jazz great Corey Christiansen! This edition is perfectly aligned with the original 6th edition that introduced tens of thousands of musicians to jazz fundamentals. Read more.

Vol. 2 Nothin' But Blues for Jazz Guitar

Vol. 2 Nothin' But Blues for Jazz Guitar

Format: Book/CD | Price: $19.95 |  Code: V02G

Following on the success of the Volume 1 for Guitar, jazz great Corey Christiansen has now adapted Jamey’s “Vol. 2 - Nothin' But Blues” for Guitar, as well. Formatted exactly like the Vol. 1 How To Play Jazz for Guitar book, Vol. 2 includes all of the scales and basic info you need to get started in Jazz Blues with TAB and Frames for the non-reading guitarist plus brand new BONUS tracks not found in the original Volume 2. Tracks include many different blues grooves, including slow, fast, swing, bossa, jazz-rock, funk, shuffle, etc. This Guitar edition is aligned exactly with the original Volume 2, Nothin' But Blues so educators can use it in a class room situation. Read more.

Vol. 3

Vol. 3 "The II/V7/I Progression for Guitar"

Format: Book/2 CDs | Price: $24.95 |  Code: V03G

Corey Christiansen has adapted another classic, "Vol.3 The II/V7/I Progression" for guitar. As with the previously mentioned adaptations, this one uses both standard and TAB notation and is correlated closely to the original edition, but speaks directly to the aspiring jazz guitarist and addresses all of the important techniques and concepts used by jazz guitar legends to solo and comp over II/V7s. Completion of this easy-to-understand volume will have you ready to play any song that contains II/V7s, including most songs of the Bebop and the Great American Songbook era. Includes 2 CDs of trio accompaniment and demonstration tracks plus free bass-and-drum-only mixes available online that allow you to "sit in" and practice without the recorded guitarist present. Read more.

Vols. 1, 2, and 3 for Guitar - 3-Pack Set!

Vols. 1, 2, and 3 for Guitar - 3-Pack Set!

Format: Books/CDs | Price: $69.85 |  Code: JG-SET

The ultimate Jazz Guitar practice pack! Includes all 3 Volumes from our play-a-long series, especially formatted for guitar. All 3 include TAB! Read more.


Jazz Saxophone Etudes Volume 4

Jazz Saxophone Etudes Volume 4

Format: Book/2 CDs | Price: $24.95 |  Code: JSE4

Jazz Saxophone Etudes Volume 4 features twelve intermediate-advanced jazz etudes. This book and play-along CD set will take you through a variety of tempos that are designed to correspond to the flow of a live jazz club performance. The chord changes are based on popular standards that are easily recognizable. Read more.

Don't Know Where To Start? Try These!



Format: Book/2 CDs | Price: $19.95 |  Code: V01DS

NOW WITH 2 CDs! Easy to understand and inspiring for all musicians wishing to explore the secrets of jazz improv. CD includes blues in Bb and F, four dorian minor tracks, four-measure cadences, cycle of dominants, 24-measure song, II/V7 in all keys. Book includes transposed parts for all instruments. The CD includes Jamey playing exercises from the book. Read more.



Format: Book/2CDs | Price: $19.95 |  Code: V24DS

For all instrumentalists and vocalists. Great primer for learning basic skills in major and minor keys. Advanced players will want to work on "double-timing", playing "outside" and "side-slipping" in all keys at comfortable tempos. Special tracks have Jamey Aebersold playing various exercises and soloing on his saxophone with actual cuts from Volume 24 so you can hear and see how to use this set. All exercises and sax solos on the demo tracks are transcribed and written out in the book! Pick a different key each day/week/practice. Read more.



Format: Book/2 CDs | Price: $19.95 |  Code: V21DS

For all musicians regardless of ability! If you use this set with Volume 1, you will have a solid foundation to meet any new challenge. This set covers major, minor (dorian, harmonic and melodic), dominant 7th, half-diminished, lydian and sus. 4. It also has a very slow blues in F and one in Bb. 31 different tracks with a lot of variety! CD tracks have been recently extended to allow more practice time without interruption. Read more.

Jazz:  Anyone Can Improvise! - DVD

Jazz: Anyone Can Improvise! - DVD

Format: DVD | Price: $19.95 |  Code: JAD

This nearly two-hour long DVD features Jamey at the piano explaining and demonstrating the fundamental techniques used by all great jazz improvisors. Topics covered include chord/scale relationships, keeping your place, patterns, the blues and pentatonic scales and their application, what and how to practice, articulation, memorizing songs, and much more. Read more.

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