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Jammin' With Jamey

Jammin’ With Jamey Program

A few weeks ago, on a Friday night after the NAHS football game was long over I drove into the school parking lot to ask some students who had won the game. I found three that looked to be middle school age and asked them. They told me the score and one boy, after noticing the JAZZ on my tee shirt tells the others, “Hey, that’s Jamey. He’s the one that does the no smoking program.” I told him he had good memory. He then said he saw the word JAZZ and knew it was me.

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Jamey Aebersold On The Blues

Jamey On The Blues

Bb BLUES (concert key)

The JAZZ BLUES is 12 measures long. THE most common song form. Is usually played in 4/4 time but can be in 3/4 or 6/8 etc. Usually played in SWING TIME but can be Latin, Bossa, Rock, etc. Harmony/Chords are played over and over (12 Bars Repeated). Is played slow, very fast and all tempos in-between.

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Jamey Aebersold "Anyone Can Improvise"

Anyone Can Improvise

Too many people have never considered improvising on their instrument because they’ve been “Chained to the Written Page.” You think you can only play music when you have a music stand with some written music on it. That’s not true. All you have to do to get started is try something as simple as playing

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