Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series, Vol. 5: Freddie Hubbard & More (for Rhythm Section)

Book & MP3 CD

Book & MP3 CD




Product Code: AF-FH5RS
Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Publisher: Alfred Music
Series: Alfred Jazz Play-Along Series
ISBN-13: 9781470610425
ISBN-10: 1470610426
Publisher SKU: 00-41153
UPC-A: 038081471105
Instrumentation: Rhythm Section

The Alfred Jazz Play-Along series for Rhythm Section goes way beyond the other play-alongs. This rhythm section book contains written-out parts for piano, bass, and drumset. The instrument parts include comping suggestions and sample solos that make learning to improvise easier. These parts can also be conveniently used as small group arrangements. In addition, each of the nine jazz standards includes the melody and a sample written-out jazz solo for you to listen to, play, and practice. The innovative, easy-to-use TNT2 Custom Mix software on the accompanying DVD-ROM allows you to slow down or speed up the tempo, mix and customize a demo or play-along track, loop a section for specific practice, and more. Featuring a professional rhythm section, the demo tracks provide examples of piano comping, bass lines, drum parts, and improvisation. By removing your instrument part from a track mix, you can play along to practice with the rest of the rhythm section. In addition, each jazz standard has specific improvisation tips and suggestions.

This innovative play-along includes:

* Great jazz standards at a medium difficulty level
* Parts for piano, bass, and drumset
* Written-out melodies and sample jazz solos to listen to, study, and play along with while you to learn to improvise and comp
* Jazz choruses for soloing opportunities
* Helpful improvisation tips and suggestions for each tune
* TNT2 Custom Mix software on the DVD-ROM, featuring an easy-to-use mixer for mixing, looping, and slowing down the demo and play-along tracks
* Accompaniment tracks recorded by professional musicians
* Available, corresponding books for C, B flat, E flat, and bass clef instruments to create small group arrangements


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