Advanced Reading Etudes for Guitar






Product Code: AREG
Publisher: GRESCOTMAR Ltd. Publishing
UPC-A: 806613200512

by Mark White

The purpose of this book is to help guitarists improve their reading skills while working on challenging and stimulating musical material. The book is comprised of 10 etudes written in contemporary musical language that encompass fusion, rock, funk, and jazz styles. Each etude is presented in two forms: one with just the plain notation and then a second version with information regarding content, linkage, and location of ideas on the fingerboard.

The second version has every note fingered with string locations marked. Most importantly, the etudes are prefaced by information for the advanced student or professional guitarist that will establish a "reading routine" leading to improved reading skills. The book is accompanied by a 20 track CD presenting each etude first with it's lead-line, than again without the line for the player to practice the etude solo.

Author Mark White holds both a B.M. and an M.M. from the New England Conservatory of Music. He is an internationally recognized clinician, having taught over 25 clinics for Berklee in Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Korea. He has written articles on guitar playing and improvisation for Berklee Today and Godin Guitar's web site.

He has appeared at major jazz festivals worldwide, including Italy, Puerto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Korea, and Japan. He has toured extensively worldwide and is a record producer and co-owner of Grescotmar, Ltd. His teaching specialties include synth guitar applications, guitar ensemble performing groups, and sight-reading training for guitarists.