Chromaticism, Rhythm & Synchronism - Book/CD






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Author: Carlos Averhoff
Publisher: Charles Colin Publishing
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by Carlos Averhoff

Like it or not, musicians must deal with the matter of instrumental technique. Different musical idioms present different technical demands.

In the case of the saxophone, the classical repertoire requires the development of techniques that are often quite different than those needed to enunciate the jazz language - different relative dynamic ranges, different types of articulation, phrasing, vibrato, accents, expressive devices, and so forth.

Regardless of the idiom, however, we are dealing with the same elements of mind and body: concentration, relaxation, control of the breath, embouchure, arms, hands, fingers, etc. - all are required for the best performance of any music.

"With the writing of this book, Averhoff has documented his unique and compelling system of exercises that addresses all of the technical areas mentioned above. His knowledge of, and experience with the music of the saxophone embrace the classical repertoire, American jazz, and Afro-Cuban idioms. This broad range of expertise has enabled him to focus with precision on particular technical dilemmas that all saxophonists encounter, making these excercises a must for any serious woodwind player. "
-- Gary Cambpell