Denis Diblasio's Jazz Almanac






Product Code: DDJA
Author: Denis Diblasio
Publisher: Charles Colin Publications
Publisher SKU: CC319

If beginning players learn the twelve major scales, twelve jazz melodic minor scales, two whole tone scales and three diminished scales, they will be able to negotiate more than 95% of the chords that will be coming their way. Many corresponding scales that fit chords are simply modes of one of the above scales.

A major scale gives seven modes that fit seven different chords. Multiply that by twelve and 84 chords can be covered by simply knowing the twelve major scales.

This book is a compilation of techniques for composition and jazz improvisation. Includes individual and group excercises for all instruments and brief explanations and drills to help utilize a new sound into a player's vocabulary.

275 pages, spiral bound to fit on any music stand.