Daily Grooves for Bass






Product Code: DGB
Author: Patrick Pfeiffer
Publisher: Carl Fischer
ISBN-10: 0-8258-7120-4
Publisher SKU: GT214
UPC-A: 798408071202

A year’s supply of fun and funky practice grooves for the aspiring bassist!

Becoming a great bass player doesn’t happen overnight! It takes practice, discipline, and perseverance. Daily Grooves for Bass is jam-packed with a different groove for every day of the year – 366 total (just in case the groove journey starts in a leap year!).

These funky, hip, and inspiring grooves will get bassist’s reading and playing grooves worthy of any professional’s repertoire.

• For intermediate to advanced players
• Pro-level grooves in different keys and feels, like shuffle feel, sixteenth-note feel, triplet feel, and more
• In standard notation, with TAB files available on the CD to compare the player’s fingering of a particular groove with the author’s recommended fingering
• Listen to the grooves on CD ¯ all in MP3 format for easy download onto computer/iPod