Etudes: The Missing Link






Product Code: ETML
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music
ISBN-13: 9781939806093
Publisher SKU: ETML
Instrumentation: Bass

Most players practice their scales, and some practice their arpeggios, but commonly there comes a time when these players wonder, “So how do my scales and arpeggios fit into real music?”

An etude is a song that typically requires repetition of some specific technical execution. While an etude is an exercise that strengthens specific techniques by the use of repetition, good etudes can also be a bridge from just wiggling your fingers to actually playing musical phrasing.

In this new book, ETUDES: The Missing Link, I create a context where we can apply our chops in a musical setting. By definition, an etude is a “musical study.”

I have found that performing etudes focuses one’s attention on the finer aspects of technique while at the same time allowing for lyrical development. Performing these etudes will strengthen your concept of presentation in general.