Complete Jazz Guitar Method: Intermediate Jazz Guitar






Product Code: JG-I
Author: Jody Fisher
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780739021552
ISBN-10: 0739021559
Publisher SKU: 14123
UPC-A: 038081128290

This book is great for guitarists who have learned the basics of jazz harmony and improvisation. Topics include the ii-V-I progression, creating solo lines, altered chord formulas, and comping in different jazz feels such as Latin, swing, ballad, and even funk. Continuing in the format of Beginning Jazz Guitar, every new concept is accompanied by etudes and songs for practice, and every chapter is clearly divided into lessons on harmony and improvisation. Packed with literally hundreds of chord voicings and improv ideas, this book is a must for any serious student of jazz guitar. All music is shown in standard notation and TAB, and the CD demonstrates the examples in the book. 96 pages.