Reading Bass Parts - Volume 3






Product Code: RBP3
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music
Series: Reading Bass Parts
Instrumentation: Bass

Book/CD series by Jim Stinnett. Price is for each volume.

Vol.1: A reading/play along book/cd set. The book contains charts as you would encounter on a variety of musical situations, from studios to road gigs. On the CD, each chart is played twice, once with the bass part and then without so that you can fill in.

Vol.2: In this session the focus is on "straight-eights" i.e. Rock and Funk. Strong and consistent grooves are what this volume is all about. The players on the CD make it a joy to play along. Parts are well-written and easy to read.

Vol.3: Vol.3 features the bass in the traditional jazz trio setting. With walking lines, two beat songs, a couple of Latin lines, and a few melodies and solos, all students who have played this material so far have loved it! Featured on the CD is Chuck Marohnic - piano, tuba virtuoso Sam Pilafian, and Dom Moio - drums. Dom Moio makes this play-along a truly exceptional tool. You will not find a better time-keeper and accompanist to work with. How do you get the experience needed to work gigs with good players? Play along with Dom!