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String Connection with Clarinet

Solo Clarinet and String Quartet Arrangement

Solo Clarinet and String Quartet Arrangement




Product Code: 06409
Author: Rolf Kühn
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 06409
Instrumentation: Clarinet

Solo Clarinet and String Quartet (Violin 1+2, Viola, Violoncello)

The Clarinet Connection - as the String Connection with Clarinet was originally called – was once a work on commission for four Bb clarinets and a bass clarinet written for Sabine Meyer. The composition was recorded on CD for EMI. Sabine played the classical part of the composition and the American clarinetist Eddie Daniels performed the improvisational jazz part – a very interesting mixture of these different music styles. The clarinetist Andy Miles had the wonderful idea to combine the purely classical with the jazzy part and to rewrite it for solo clarinet and a string quartet (the gorgeous Auryn Quartet) – which in my eyes represents an exciting new version! Andy Miles and the Auryn Quartet’s new CD will soon be available under the title Crossing Borders.

(Rolf Kühn)