Jazz for Two - Duets for Saxophone






Product Code: 07013
Author: Claus Henry Kock
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07013
UPC-A: 805095070132

Duets for Saxophone (or other instruments in the same key). 44 pages.

I wrote the first of these duets for some of my saxophone students, who needed material to play together. Since everybody enjoyed playing it, I decided to write some more until I had a collection of 12 pieces. They are inspired by the sound of classical American jazz, the music that I've always been dedicated to personally.

The duets were composed for two saxophones of the same key, but they work for flutes, clarinets and some other instruments as well. The extracted 2nd voice in the back is transposed for tenor saxophone, while the 1st voice is played by alto sax. The tempi are just suggestions and can be interpreted individually. All of the tunes are meant to be played in swing feel.