Mainburger Duette - Duets for Alto & Tenor Saxophone






Product Code: 07074
Author: Claus Henry Kock
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07074
UPC-A: 805095070743

Duets for Alto & Tenor Saxophone

Though I consider myself to be primarily a jazz performer, classical music – above all instrumental baroque music and Viennese Classicism - have always been very important to me. For quite a long time, particular elements characterizing these styles of music have occasionally been integrated in some of my jazz compositions. With these pieces, I am now presenting my very first purely classically inspired compositions for 2 woodwind instruments.

The duets have been designed as both performance pieces as well as educational music for teaching ensemble playing. I have not intended composing music of a certain style, but have rather used and integrated various elements out of my overall experience as an active listener of music. The repetitions indicated should be played on principle in order to maintain the proportions of the pieces. This edition for alto and tenor saxophone is not compatible with the edition for 2 clarinets.

Album Contents:

  • No. I Allegro
  • No. II Andante
  • No. III Vivace
  • No. IV Moderato
  • No. V Andante
  • No. VI Allegro