Eddie Who?

Score and Parts

Score and Parts




Product Code: 07455
Composer: Peter Lehel
Publisher SKU: 7455
UPC-A: 805095074550
Instrumentation: 4 saxophones (SATB/AATB)

“Eddie Who?” is reminiscent of the great groove master, the tenor saxophonist Eddie Harris. He was a very independently minded and highly esteemed multi-instrumentalist whose music combined bluesy and groovy elements. His greatest hit was “Freedom Jazz Dance”. He became popular when working together with the pianist and singer Les McCann. One of the classic pieces arising out of this collaboration was “Compared to What”. When performing “Eddie Who?”, special attention should be paid to the various bass vamps. The modal solo is based on the pentatonic blues scale: Eb instruments use the Cm blues scale: C Eb F Gb G Bb. Bb instruments use the Fm blues scale: F Ab Bb B C Eb. The rhythmic rendition of each individual note has to be entirely convincing.