Rastro y Belascoaín - Sax Quartet

Sax Quartet Arrangement

Sax Quartet Arrangement




Product Code: 07474
Author: Javier Zalba
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-89221-856-2
Publisher SKU: 07474
Instrumentation: Saxophone

Saxophone Quartet (AATB) This quartet has been composed and, with great affection, been dedicated to the Havana Conservatory of Music in Cuba, where I myself work as a teacher. This composition aims at reflecting an ordinary day filled with everyday activities, revealing different states of mind - with high spirits prevailing -, dynamism as well as unusual noises such as car horns, which I have tried to reproduce, for instance, in the final notes in bars 40, 41, 43 and 45.

What mainly manifests itself throughout this work is a spirit of jazz (a genre that is very popular among music students, especially here at our conservatory).

A correct execution of the off-beats and syncopations is of great importance, particularly with regard to the baritone sax, which occasionally assumes the part of the bass as it does for example in part A and, above all, in part D, where it provides a jazzy accompaniment for the soloists, performing bebop style accents (see measures 31, 32, 131 and 132) and riff-like phrases (as is done as of measure 116).

Please note that the saxophonists, according to preference, may take turns in performing the solos; they should, however, be careful not to exaggerate things in order to prevent the baritone from being overstrained.