Beim Brunnwart

Score and Parts

Score and Parts




Product Code: 07531
Composer: Joe Viera
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 7531
Instrumentation: 5 saxophones (AATTB)

The so-called Zwiefache is the only Bavarian-Austrian folk dance which permanently alternates between different meters. The rhythmical flow of this piece - mainly determined by the baritone saxophone and both tenor saxophones – has to be maintained without letup. Its dance-like nature must constantly be felt. This is music of the cheerful kind; therefore, as is the case with ragtime, it is not necessary to imbue it with additional joyfulness. Jazz sound and jazz phrasing are essential to its performance. The Brunnwart is a historical restaurant in Munich/Bavaria with a small but very nice beer garden.