Du Sudut Bibirmu - Saxophone Quintet






Product Code: 07537
Author: Frank Reinshagen
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07537
UPC-A: 805095075373

Saxophone Quintet (AATTB) + Rhythm Section (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums)

In 2007, the Goethe Institute invited me on a trip to Indonesia where I was supposed to record a CD. I was taking along a whole series of big band arrangements of Indonesian folk songs. “Di Sudut Bibirmu”, an ancient Molukkan love song – the title of which might be translated as “The Smile of Your Lips” - was one of the tunes I had written an arrangement for. Since it had originally been arranged for vocalist and big band, it seemed an excellent choice to turn it into a soulful version for saxophone and rhythm section featuring the lead alto.