Three Jazz Settings: III. Trance Dance






Product Code: 07676
Author: Ramon Ricker
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07676

Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

This suite was inspired most notably by the saxophone quartets of Phil Woods and was written in a conscious attempt to wed certain stylistic elements of classical and jazz music. The players are not asked to improvise, but the piece does feature sections that sound spontaneous and freely created. The piece is difficult, but no more so than other quartets, like Glazunov and Desenclos, that are standard repertoire for this instrumentation. Talented high school and all college groups will find success working on this piece. The first movement, subtitled Danse Macabre, is ominous, dark, sometimes "bluesy" and is propelled along by the use of intricate counterpoint and an improvised sounding solo section for the tenor saxophone. Medium-advanced

Trance Dance, is a rhythmically grooving 12/8 feel that features the tenor and baritone saxophones. Advanced