A Ballad for Ruby for Saxophone Quartet (SATB/AATB)






Product Code: 07677
Author: Valentin Hude
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07677
UPC-A: 805095076776

Saxophone Quartet (SATB/AATB)

Despite its song-like, almost sung melody, this is most decidedly no piece of music of the quiet and peaceful tones: It is its element of contrast and suspense that brings it to life.
Easily to be performed in both its versions (for saxophone as well as for clarinet quartet), this composition does not put its main emphasis on technique but rather calls for emotion, expressiveness and homogeneous ensemble playing.
A Ballad for Ruby will provide your performance with an atmosphere of intimacy and will help you reach each and every listener - even in a spacious auditorium.

Valentin Hude started his musical training with piano lessons at the age of six. Later on he studied clarinet, orchestral music and music education. As a diplomaed musician he has taught clarinet and saxophone in Berlin and has performed in various theatre and music productions.