Bill Dobbins - Remembering The Master - Flute & Piano Arrangement






Product Code: 08103
Author: Bill Dobbins
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 08103
UPC-A: 805095081039

The chorales and solo suites of Johann Sebastian Bach inspired Remembering the Master. In general, the dynamics and phrasing are left to the performers, as was the case in Bach´s manuscripts. Performers with no experience in improvisation may use the written flute solos. These include some phrasing and articulation marks that are idiomatic to improvised music in the style of the piece. There are three possible ways of performing the piece.

1. Play as written, with the improvised solos in the order in which they are indicated.
2. Play as written, but with the written flute solos and improvised piano solos.
3. If the pianist has no experience in improvisation, omit the repeats in the solo sections. Take the second ending immediately after measure 70, using the written flute solo, then take the next second ending immediately following measure 192, again using the written flute solo. Advanced