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Canción Para Un Clarinetista - Javier Zalba

Clarinet & Piano Arrangement

Clarinet & Piano Arrangement




Product Code: 08106
Composer: Javier Zalba
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 08106
UPC-A: 805095081060
Instrumentation: Clarinet & Piano

"Canción Para Un Clarinetista" – this "song for a clarinetist" is dedicated to one of the most outstanding clarinetists and pedagogues in Cuba, a graduate of the National School of Art in Havana / Cuba as well as the Conservatoire Supérieure de Paris / France. In this piece, the French “chanson” fuses with the genre of the Cuban contradanza, or to be more exact, with the spirit of this very style, which is the reason why I apply the term “tempo de contradanza” in this case. This “tempo de contradanza” refers to a kind of small harmonic cycle which embraces the spirit of an improvised solo and finishes this eight-bar fragment with the intention of a jazz-style riff.

In the sequel, it returns to tempo primo resuming the opening pace of the piece and finally ends in a cadence to be executed by the instrumentalist according to his or her taste.