I Saw 3 Ships Come Sailing In/Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella






Product Code: 08315
Author: Andy Middleton
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 08315
UPC-A: Holiday Celebration Series
Instrumentation: Clarinet Trio

B Flat Clarinet 1+2
B Flat Bass Clarinet

My arrangement of "I Saw 3 Ships ..." is written in a quasi-baroque style in a quasi-rondo form. For years these 2 English carols have felt to me like 2 parts of the same song and I have arranged them like that.

I say quasi-baroque style because of the articulation and rhythmic approach, and the phrasing is essentially that of baroque, although harmonically I move from baroque through modal harmony.

Quasi-rondo for this piece means that the thematic material is developed through several variations and settings interspersed with original material of contrasting tone. This arrangement gives each player a melodic role and a wide range of rhythmic and contrapuntal movement.