The 50 String Guitar






Product Code: 50SG
Author: Bryan Roberts
Arranger: Bryan Roberts
Publisher: Bryan Roberts
ISBN-13: 978-0989316200
ISBN-10: 0989316203
Instrumentation: Guitar

A New, Unique, and Easy book for mastering the guitar fretboard. You will learn how to play any scale on the guitar by using a proven method that utilizes your natural pattern recognition systems. Not Just Another Scale Book! There are none like this. It is fun and best of all it works! Major scales, pentatonic, melodic and harmonic minor, symmetrical scales, and beyond, they are all here. No reading music or even working through tablature. The guitar neck may seem complicated. So many frets and endless possibilities. This book will simplify and organize the guitar neck in a way you've never thought possible. This book works for everyone. Even the advanced student will benefit from this unique approach! Guitar instructors will be changing the way they teach scales after they use The 50 String Guitar! Buy it today.