An Approach To Comping Vol. 2 - Advanced

Paperback Book/2-CDs

Paperback Book/2-CDs






Product Code: AATC2
Author: Jeb Patton
Publisher: Chuck Sher
ISBN-13: 9781883217877
ISBN-10: 1883217873
Instrumentation: Piano

Advanced Concepts and Techniques explores the comping styles of modern jazz pianists. It is a step-by-step guide to comping rhythms, voicings, and progressions - as played by the masters.

What's inside:
- Explorations of the left-hand comping of Barry Harris, up-tempo comping by Bud Powell, rootless voicings, drop-2's using the sixth-diminished scale, comping in the style of Count Basie, modal voicings, and comping across the bar line
- 9 note-for-note transcriptions of Barry Harris, Bud Powell, Ahmad Jamal, Wynton Kelly, Hank Jones, and Bill Evans comping behind the soloist
- 2 examples of comping in the styles of McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock.
- Comping guides, rhythms, and progressions derived from the transcriptions
- 65 comping exercises aimed at getting the concepts under your fingers
- 2 CDs containing demonstrations and play-along tracks
- Interviews about the art of comping by Peter Bernstein and Albert "Tootie" Heath
- 256 pages, plus 2 CDs!