The Articulate Jazz Musician: Mastering the Language of Jazz - Bass Clef Instruments






Product Code: AJM-BC
Author: Caleb Chapman and Jeff Coffin
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780739094495
ISBN-10: 0739094491
Publisher SKU: 00-40597
UPC-A: 038081455525
Instrumentation: Bass Clef Instruments

Award-winning jazz educator Caleb Chapman and multi-Grammy-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin have created a highly effective approach to jazz articulation. Step-by-step, this book details Caleb's proven approach for mastering the fundamentals of jazz articulation, phrasing, and interpretation. Inside each book are 17 units with exciting, original compositions by Jeff Coffin, carefully designed to reinforce these concepts. The included CD has both demo and play-along tracks featuring a world-class quartet of Jeff Coffin (tenor saxophone), Victor Wooten (bass), Roy "Futureman" Wooten (drums), and Chris Walters (piano). This method makes approaching jazz articulation easy and fun. Follow the explanations, do lots of listening, play along, practice what you have heard, and before long you, too, will be an articulate jazz musician!


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