A Minor Melody - Bk/CD for Recorder






Product Code: AMM
Author: Jim Tinter
Publisher: Jim Tinter Productions
Publisher SKU: AMM1192TK

A gorgeous performance piece! Starting with simple echo patterns on a four-note melody (using A, B, C and G), your students will soon be ready to improvise! Whether playing solo or in a duet or trio, they will really enjoy learning as they play along with the really cool recorded synthesizer track. You can even involve as many as 16 children, with each one improvising one measure of a 16-measure chorus! (Recorder parts are reproducible for an unlimited number of students.)

Easy four-note melody with optional 2nd part (suitable for alto recorder)
Challenging 3rd part (for more advanced students)
Playable in third grade and up
Written and recorded solo echo patterns make it easy to learn how to improvise
Three recorded solo examples for modeling and listening
Solo accompaniment track for echoing, improvising, practicing and games
Synthesizer accompaniment with and without recorder parts
Individual instrument parts and full score that are Orff compatible
License to copy sheet music for students
Almost 30 minutes of instructional material that can last for weeks
Classroom tested in real classrooms with real children


Sample Track 1
Sample Track 2
Sample Track 3
Sample Track 4