Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris






Product Code: ASAH
Author: David Bertie
Publisher: Charles Colin
Instrumentation: Trumpet

Reinterpretted by David Bertie

It took David Bertie, a consummate and inspired musician, to recognize the inherent value - and provenance - of the original Aaron Harris compilation of studies, and transform them into a superb and thorough three volume trumpet method. Recognizing the elements that would enhance and complete these studies, David devoted extraordinary time, effort and creativity reassembling, refining and expanding the work - creating a new “classic” for the advanced trumpeter. We are so very grateful that David had approached us with this ambitious project and know how wowed Pop would be by David Bertie and by this accomplishment. We appreciate the widespread recognition of this edition from artists in every facet of the industry and feel optimistic that “The New and Expanded Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris”, (affectionately referred to as “The Bertie Book”), will become part of the aspiring and advanced trumpeter’s collection of practice and teaching material.
Allan Colin, Charles Colin Publications

“I am so glad this is happening - I have owned several Harris Studies books over the years, lent out and, sadly, lost track of. When I first came to Eastman as a freshman, I bought my first copy. Allen Vizzutti was two years ahead of me at school, and I learned very quickly how much these studies meant to him. You can imagine the power of Allen's stamp of approval on any aspiring trumpet student! The Harris studies are superb for learning to play in tune in all keys, gauging intervals and developing control in all registers. The advice Mr. Bertie gives is valuable and very wise. lf people really follow his recommendations they will benefit from studying this book in a very deep, profound way. Thank you for sharing this with me.”
Chris Gekker

“The cleaning up, researching and organizing of the Aaron Harris book is a great idea and an impressive accomplishment. There are unique things about the book making it an excellent addition to our literature. I love the complete exploitation of keys. The varied levels of etudes are useful and offer the opportunity to study many aspects of trumpet playing through music rather than just exercises; potentially offering years of study. I like the organization of the etudes and studies and think “The New and Expanded Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris” should be a staple for every serious trumpet player.”
Allen Vizzutti