Blues Bass Lines for Piano/Keyboards in all 12 Keys






Product Code: BBL
Author: Andrew D. Gordon
Publisher: ADG Productions
ISBN-13: 978-1882146284
ISBN-10: 188214628X
Publisher SKU: ADG097
Instrumentation: Piano/Keyboard
60 pages

With the success of Andrew’s two blues piano instructional books: “100 Ultimate Blues Riffs” and “ 12 Bar Blues Bible” he has now written this book specifically addressing blues bass lines or patterns for piano/keyboards in all 12 keys. Each example is notated out in all 12 keys.

The book consists of 50 different blues bass lines that increase in difficulty from beginner (quarter note bass lines) through intermediate and advanced (syncopated sixteenth note bass lines) played through the 12 bar blues progression.

These examples will give the music student or musician a wide variety of different blues styles to choose from including: Boogie Woogie, Funky-Blues, Jazz-Blues, Blues-Rock, Country-Blues, Minor-Blues.

For customers with computers, MIDI files are available.