BACH SHAPES - Sequences for Saxophone




Product Code: BSHAPES
Author: Don DeLucia
Publisher: Musaeum Clausum Press
ISBN-13: 9780692844779
UPC-A: 9780692844779

by Jon DeLucia. A unique approach to scale/interval practice, Bach Shapes is the music of J.S. Bach distilled to its basic elements: beautiful melodic shapes. These can be studied as technical exercises, or used as building blocks for jazz improvisation. The studies are drawn from Bach’s violin, cello, flute and keyboard music and ordered by difficulty, transposed into all keys. Learn to stretch your range and play intervals more evenly with these musical studies.

“Jon De Lucia has created a compelling set of new studies, combining intrinsic musical elements with precise technical challenges in the tradition of the best etudes. Rather than targeting classical, jazz or pop saxophonists, these studies focus on issues of interval, intonation and musical phrase making in ways that are central to any style. Thanks for new stuff to practice and teach with!”
-Andrew Sterman

“No matter what instrument you play, if you’re looking for a book to live on your music stand for the next several decades, this is the one. With some careful and attentive work on these sequences, these excerpts are sure to expand your musical vocabulary, as well as your sound and technique. There’s endless possibilities here.”
–Sam Sadigursky

“What a great book…such a great concept using these amazing melodies and motives to create new practice material.”
–Dino Govoni

“Excellent. Beautiful presentation and great content.”
-Walt Weiskopf

I really dig this book – there are so many musical ideas that one can find in Bach’s music. It’s about time to have someone like Jon organize it in order to be practiced by jazz musicians. It’s good both for the chops, vocabulary and knowledge of harmony. You really have to know what you’re doing when you utilize his “devices.”
–Dmitry Baevsky