Chet Baker Recording/ Play-Along




Product Code: CBP
Author: Chet Baker/arr. by Wolfgang Lakerschmid
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 01107

Includes eight transcriptions of Chet´s improvised solos for B flat and C concert instruments. Chet´s solo were spliced out on eight tracks of the CD, so you can "sit in" and play Chet´s solos along with his original accompaniment, or improvise your own ideas. For inspiration the CD contains three complete tracks. Some of the tracks feature an intimate accompaniment of vibes, bass (sometimes an additional guitar and flute), while others are from sessions with Larry Coryell, Buster Williams, and Tony Williams. The composer Wolfgang Lackerschmid says: "What really fascinates me is the natural logic of Chet´s lines and rhythms. Chet phrased very precisely, often tying over triplets and changing between triplets and even eighths in the same line. It sounds as beautiful and natural as the human voice. Chet played intuitively by ear, just as jazz had originally been played, so that even non-virtuoso can execute his melodies. His solos should also give to the most thoroughly-trained musicians the feeling of playing jazz."


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