Creative Jazz Exercises Series #2






Product Code: CJE2
Author: Lance Van Lenten
Publisher: Lance Van Lenten

The 2nd Edition “Creative Jazz Exercises” books are based on the author's extensive experience as a jazz artist and as a woodwind instructor at Berklee College of Music and other music institutions.

Customizable accompaniment files for all of the exercises in the books have been created with the iReal Pro app in both HTML and MIDI versions. They can be accessed from pages on the author's website:

Volume 2 explores the use of both parallel (same root) and non-parallel (different root from give chord) scales and chords that can be superimposed over chord progressions. The exercises can be treated as standalone etudes or as starting points for chromatic improvisation.


“His new series of books contain a treasure trove of ideas for both student, and professional alike. After perusing them, I found ideas that I am anxious to incorporate into my own playing. They are a valuable addition to any serious student's library.”

- Roger Rosenberg, Baritone Sax jazz artist who has performed with Steely Dan, the Bob Mintzer Big Band, Chet Baker and many others

"His newly released, second edition of the “Creative Jazz Exercises” books address the importance of developing fluid technical skill supported by a solid understanding of contemporary harmony."

- Bill Pierce, Chairman, Berklee College of Music Woodwind Department, internationally renowned jazz artist and educator, performed with jazz luminaries such as Art Blakey, Tony Williams and Freddie Hubbard

“Van Lenten has a distinct and precise motivation to help players develop a personal sound and story ... These Volumes help musicians understand the "Keys" to open each individual's artistic "Door" ...A Must-Have for artists on a search to find their way to Lyricism, Development, and ultimately, to allow them to Define Themselves.”

- Harry Skoler, clarinet, Professor at Berklee College of Music, an outstanding international performing artist and educator