Creative Comping For Improvisation - Volume 3






Product Code: CRE3D
Author: Hal Crook
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 14230

Intermediate to advanced levels. 32 chord progressions of standard jazz songs. Chord voicings and bass lines played on an acoustic midi grand piano. Improvised reharmonization and rhythmic displacement of the original chords. Lead sheets in C, B flat, and Eflat.

CD version includes standard midi files for use by those with CD-ROM equipped computer sequenced midi work stations. Volume 1 includes seven chord progressions plus 30 minutes of Pitch Axis Accompaniment for modal and "free" soloing.

"Creative Comping is a marvelous addition to the play-along industry! Hal is not only very gifted for the obvious challenge of playing high-quality bass lines and chord voicings simultaneously, but he also has a great gift for time feel, counterpoint, notechoices, and spontaneous reharmonization, all at a very high level of creativity and execution. These play-alongs have done much to loosen up my own creativity as well as prepare me for concerts and gigs."
-Jerry Coker


Just Friends
I Love U
Blue Bossa