The Complete Thesaurus of Musical Scales






Product Code: CTMS
Author: Masaya Yamaguchi
Publisher: Masaya Music
ISBN-13: 9780967635309
ISBN-10: 0967635306

Surprisingly, few studies have been made that address the possibilities of musical scales. This book is, to the best of my knowledge, the first of its kind to establish and examine a complete system of all conceivable scales. My intention is that this book be used as a reference tool for all musicians, as it provides a complete dictionary of all possible scale configurations.

About the Author:

Masaya Yamaguchi is not only a musician but also a conceptualist who established his own system to explore the imaginative formation of musical scales by The Complete Thesaurus of Musical Scales, which is a meta-contribution to music pedagogy of a high standard. Jazz Education Journal wrote, "It's worth mentioning that this book comprehensively covers all theoretical possibilities in constructing scales (July-August 2002)." The concept is revealed in many of his writings and compositions. Because of the reference value of his outstanding achievements, Marquis Who's Who has selected his biographical profile for inclusion in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World and Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders.