Piano Comping From The Vol. 60 Play-A-Long

Digital PDF and Audio

Digital PDF and Audio






Product Code: D-FHP
Author: Transcribed by Dan Haerle and Mark Levine
ISBN-13: 978-1-56224-063-9
ISBN-10: 1-56224-063-3

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Note-for-note piano transcriptions from the popular Vol. 60 "Freddie Hubbard" play-a-long! Dan Haerle and Mark Levine are two of today's very best jazz pianists and this important book lets you explore their time-tested piano voicing and comping secrets. Listen to the Vol. 60 "Freddie Hubbard" online audio (sold separately) and when you are ready, turn off the piano track (using the audio's special stereo separation) and comp along with the bassist and drummer. For the price of a fast-food meal, this book will catch you up on 60 years of professional piano chord voicing and comping tradition. All of the techniques you will learn can be applied to many other jazz tunes.

Songs included:
- Birdlike
- Little Sunflower
- Coral Keys
- Pensativa
- Crisis
- Red Clay
- Dear John
- Sky Dive
- Gibraltar
- Up Jumped Spring
- Lament For Booker