The Real Easy Book - Vol. 1 Tunes for Beginning Improvisers - Drum Supplement

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Publisher: Sher Music Co.

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New! Drum Charts for the Three-Horn edition (level 1)

Make The Real Easy Book come alive for your drum students! Complete drum charts for each song, as well as a primer for many styles of contemporary drumming.

  • Complete drum charts for each tune.
  • A variety of notation styles are used to reflect what drummers may encounter professionally.
  • Parts simple enough for beginning players; but which can easily be expanded upon by advanced players.
  • Access to a complete set of play through videos for each song.
  • Each drum chart includes figures for the harmony, background and shout chorus sections of the arrangements.
  • Additional videos and study guides for particular drumming topics like: the "2-Feel", "Elvin Jones" style comping, basic set-ups and fills, Latin Jazz drum grooves, etc.
  • Easy, but varied parts give the drum student a good start in learning a variety of jazz drumming styles, from "2-feel" to "Samba" to "Funk".
  • Suggested simplified grooves, and basic fills are included with many tunes for easy reference.
  • Developed and road-tested for years at the Stanford Jazz Workshop's summer jazz camps. It works!
  • Each drum part, though written in a given style, can easily be used to catch the same figures in different styles.
  • Perfect for individual students of all ages, as well as jazz combos.

  • The easiest tunes from Horace Silver, Eddie Harris, Freddie Hubbard, Red Garland, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Rollins, Cedar Walton, Wes Montgomery and more!

    Get yourself — or your beginning jazz combo — sounding good right away with these drum parts tightly written to musically enhance the 3-horn arrangements.

    Chart play-through videos:

    Supplemental videos:

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