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Saxophone Mouthpiece Selection

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Product Code: D-SMS
Author: Robert Scarff
ISBN-13: 978-1-56224-113-1
ISBN-10: 1-56224-113-3

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by Bob Scarff

This is the pdf no Saxophone or Clarinetist should be without.

For less than the cost of a box of reeds, you can save yourself a ton of money and a load of aggravation. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a mouthpiece before reading this book.

1. Learn the properties to look for to get the sound you want.
2. Learn how mouthpieces work and how certain design characteristics affect sound and playability.
3. Learn what mouthpieces to check out and why.
4. Learn about sax necks, ligatures, reeds and much more!

Teachers: Learning the information in this book will help you produce improved individual performers and much better sounding ensembles. It will show you how to help your students achieve a much more advanced sound, better intonation and increased ease of response. It is a book that you will refer to throughout your careers.

From chapter 9, “A Primer For Teachers”:
…When you feel your student is ready for an upgrade from the basic mouthpiece that may have come with the instrument, you need to become familiar with this information…
… A parent brings a student in to buy a specific mouthpiece recommended by the student teacher. The first thing I do is ask the student what style of music they are playing. If the student tells me they are playing in a marching band, stage band, or jazz band, and I know the mouthpiece the teacher is recommending is inappropriate, I feel a headache coming on.….

Includes lots of photos and illustrations. You'll refer to this guide again and again! 88 pages.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing such a truly humorous book, that I couldn't put down until I had finished it, on a really, for the most part, dry subject that there are so many mistruths about out there and that can cause a fight to break out when one or more reed players are gathered together discussing their version of the truth visa vi mouthpieces and reeds.....
If all the world played saxophone this would truly be on the New York Times best sellers list for ever and ever and you wouldn't have to take any more of those wallpaper gigs."

—David Keen, Long time professional saxophonist

“Bob’s book is informative, enlightening and yet so entertaining at the same time! It outlines a simple way to know where to turn for a ¬better tone. We’ll use it as our reference and recommend it highly for every player and every music educator!”
—Tevis & Sheryl Laukat, Cannonball Musical Instruments

“This is a well thought out, informative and organized book. The humor is refreshing. It takes the edge off of a subject that greatly concerns all serious performers.”
—Charles McPherson, Internationally known jazz artist

“Robert Scarff’s book is filled with great information to help dispel some of the mysteries behind mouthpieces and is presented in an easy to understand manner. I highly recommend it for all single reed players!”
—Larry Panella, The University of Southern Mississippi School of Music. Director of Jazz Studies. Saxophonist with the Phil Collins Big Band