Jim Hall – Jazz Guitar Master Class






Product Code: D1274
Artist: Jim Hall
Publisher: Rittor Music
ISBN-13: 9781423490661
Publisher SKU: 00320946
UPC-A: 884088474546
Instrumentation: Guitar

Jim Hall, the great jazz improviser, presents a jazz guitar master class for all guitarists. This DVD is unique because it not only provides a detailed approach to jazz improvisation by demonstrating techniques and musical theory, but it also allows students to find their own musical voices by showing possibilities based on Hall's musical experiences. This DVD is designed for the newcomer to jazz guitar. It covers the fundamentals and basic concepts essential for jazz improvisation. Hall's master class was taped in an informal setting, with conversations and performances by Hall and New York City jazz guitarist Satoshi Inoue. Topics covered include: approach to basic blues • discovering jazz guitar • sounds of jazz guitar • fingering and picking • dynamics • motive development • II-V-I progressions • finding your own voice. 57 minutes.

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