Drums From Brazil

Method with DVD

Method with DVD




Product Code: DFBZ
Author: Luiz Roberto Cioce Sampaio
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-9548100-9-3
Publisher SKU: ADV 13026
Instrumentation: Brasilian Percussion (Rebolo, Hand Repique, Tantan)

The author of this volume is a popular percussionist in the whole of Brazil. The ensembles he regularly works with as a guest musician range from symphony orchestras via samba schools to capoeira bands. The textbook contains numerous exercises for the coordination and independence of the hands as well as patterns for samba, bossa nova, afoxé and many other grooves. On the accompanying DVD, the author demonstrates the notated rhythms and grooves as well as the correct hand posture and beating technique.