Dr. John Teaches New Orleans Piano - Volume 3 Bk/CD






Product Code: DJ3
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-10: 0-7935-8178-8
UPC-A: 073999990942

Volume 3 - Sanctifying The Blues - Get that sanctified sound! Dr. John passes along a gospel piano session with a higher purpose - to solidify your grasp of the church-based rhythms and harmonies that helped give birth to the blues. This lively, in-depth lesson takes you from church to boogie piano, rolling styles, junket blues and back again.

The inimitable Night Tripper plays and sings his beloved New Orleans music like nobody else. Pianists will hear how basic gospel elements - thirds in the bass line, basic triads, augmented chords - contributed to Fats Domino's distinctive shuffle rhythms and embellishments. You'll deepen your understanding of blues turnarounds (gospel "Amens") and apply key and chord-changing techniques to make subtle yet powerful musical mood changes. Even if you aren't a player, you'll be enthralled by the depth of material on this CD!

Dr. John's analysis of the "Famous Lick" leads to a fascinating display of blues and gospel styles, including an encyclopedic survey of the musical and stylistic contributions of the great players from whom Mac Rebennack learned: Professor Longhair, Papa Yancy, Jellyroll Morton, Huey Smith, Toots Washington, Charles Brown, Allen Toussaint, Champion Jack Dupree, Jolly Landrey and the Wild Chapatoulas, and other legendary stylists.