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Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound




Product Code: DPSS

David Liebman's 55-page method book is already in it's second edition this book is dedicated to "...a truly inspiring man. A master, who taught with humor, patience, and metaphor - Joe Allard."The chapters include: 1. Overview of The Playing Mechanicism, 2. Breathing, 3. The Larynx, 4. The Overtone Series, 5. The Tongue Position & Articulation, 6. The Embouchure, 7. Reeds & Mouthpieces, 8. Expressive Techniques, 9. practicing.Followed by: A. Poscript, B. Application, C. Recommended Saxophone Books, D. Progress Diary

In the words of David Liebman, "This book is the result of several decades of experience as a saxophonist and teacher. Much of the information reflects my interpretation of the ideas and exercises derived from the teachings of a true master, Joe Allard."