Cannonball Adderley - Essential Jazz Lines - C Instruments






Product Code: EJLCA-C
Author: Corey Christiansen and Tamara Danielsson
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
Series: Essential Jazz Lines
ISBN-13: 9780786662692
ISBN-10: 0786662697
Publisher SKU: 99866BCD
UPC-A: 796279081559

by Corey Christiansen and Tamara Danielsson.

Many of the devices and techniques used by "Cannonball" Adderley are covered in this text. In addition to the theory chapters, many melodic lines and phrases in the style of "Cannonball" Adderley are presented.

All the lines have been transposed into one key and grouped by the harmonic background they can be played against.

The accompanying play-along CD enables to students to first practice the material in one key, and then master each line in all twelve keys, working around the circle of fourths.