Jazz Harmony






Product Code: HARM
Author: Andy Jaffe
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 11203
UPC-A: 805095112030

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3rd edition, completely revised and enlarged. 14 chapters including exercises and assignments.

Lessons included:
- Intervals
- Chords
- Inversions
- Modes; Diatonic and Modal Chord Progressions
- The Blues
- Lead Sheets
- Song Forms and Melodic Variations
- Secondary Dominant Chords
- Substitute Dominant Seventh Chords and Tritone Subs
- Minor Key Harmony
- Modal Interchange and Minor Blues
- Common Chord Progressions and Voice-Leading
- Modulation
- Pentatonics and Other Symmetric Scales
- Blues Variations
- Rhythm Changes
- Coltrane's 3-Tonic System
- Slash Chords
- Hybrid Chord Voicings

The first edition was one of the most widely used books on jazz harmony. For classroom and individual use.

"Jazz Harmony" is a brilliant addition to the field of jazz theory. It is well-written and beautifully organized, and the information it contains is thoroughly researched and authentically presented. I recommend it highly. - David Baker

Everyone in Jazz Studies should own "Jazz Harmony" by Andy Jaffe. - Bill Russo