The Jazz Hymnal BK/CD





The Jazz Hymnal is the first of its kind in the publishing world and is the perfect addition to the library of church music.

It offers the church musician a unique selection of songs, both original compositions and traditional hymnody in harmonically-enhanced jazz/pop arrangement that challenge both the players and the listeners beyond the usual diatonic realm. The look of the book and arrangements is very professional and will be appreciated when read by musicians.

There are even suggestions about where to add improvised solos and some innovative ideas about congregational involvement. All of these tunes work well for both congregations and musicians.

They have been tested with various congregations and musicians and have won the approval of both. Many of these songs, including "Never Place a Period Where God Has Placed a Comma," were enthusiastically received by 3500+ people at the 2003 United Churches Christ General Synod in Minneapolis.

Included are 51 songs written in several different formats that include jazz lead sheets, piano scoring, reduced conductor score, and even in some instances, full arrangements that include horn parts. The original compositions have lyrics and are easily learned by your congregations.

In fact, the congregations love singing these songs, since they are fun and hip; they're always theologically sound and spiritually relevant to modern church themes. You will find beautiful new ballads and great new grooves such as hip-hop, reggae, samba and more. And your musicians will dig playing them.

Also included with the Jazz Hymnal is a CD sampler of 12 recorded songs found in the hymnal.

Song List:
- 23rd Psalm
- Amazing Grace
- America The Beautiful
- Angels We Have Heard on High
- As the Deer Longs
- Away in a Manger
- Battle Hymn of the Republic
- Be Careful
- Be Now My Vision
- Bible in 50 Words (includes horn parts)
- Blessed Be
- By Then I'll Know
- Canticle of Mary
- Christ The Lord is Risen Today
- Christ The Lord is Risen Today (horn parts)
- Doxology
- Feed My Lambs
- Get Down, Moses
- Give It Up
- Give It Up (horn parts)
- Go Tell It On The Mountain
- Gospel Truth
- Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
- He Is Risen!
- He Is Risen! (horn parts)
- Holy, Holy, Holy
- I Will Trust in the Lord
- It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
- Jesus in the House
- Jesus in the House (horn parts)
- Jesus Prayer
- Just One Thing (Psalm 27)
- Listen
- Many Mansions
- Never Place a Period
- Never Place a Period (horn parts)
- Now On Land And Sea Descending
- O Come All Ye Faithful
- O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
- Lord God, You Know Me (Psalm 139)
- Put Jesus in the Middle
- Put Jesus in the Middle (horn parts)
- Sing Alleluia
- Somewhere in the Middle
- Star Spangled Banner
- Thank You, Lord
- The Call
- The Canticle
- The Majesty
- Turn Toward the Light
- Walk on the Water