Jazz Chord Voicings for Right Hand






Product Code: JCV-RH
Author: Jim Progris
Publisher: Santorella Publications
Publisher SKU: LV020
UPC-A: 649571900205

Jim Progris is one of the most highly acclaimed jazz piano authors and respected educators of our time. As a long standing faculty member and Music Merchandising department head from the University of Miami’s outstanding program, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge to all.

Jazz Chord Voicings for the Right Hand was the first of its kind when originally published in 1982 by Hansen House. Revised and brought up to industry standards then re-released after two decades by Santorella Publications, it is still the absolute best source for learning jazz piano chords for the right hand.

A brilliant jazz pianist of his own right, Mr. Progris outlines hundreds of right hand jazz chord voicings and numerous explanations on their construction. This book was written to help you develop a jazz vocabulary as it relates to basic chord and tension notes and to provide you with considerable keyboard experience using chordal structures constructed from these same basic chord types and tension notes. You will also gain much experience playing four note chords in the right hand only, a skill which is often employed in advanced jazz keyboard styles while improvising using block chords.

It is highly recommended to master certain basics presented in this book before attempting to study Jazz Chord Voicings for Two Hands * LV019. There are simply no other jazz piano studies that can compare to these two best selling titles. An absolute must for every jazz piano student, educator, novice or professional.