Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer






Product Code: JIM
Author: Jim Chapin
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780757995408
ISBN-10: 0757995403
Publisher SKU: 00-0681B
UPC-A: 654979041382

by Jim Chapin

The classic jazz independence book is now new and improved and with two CDs ! Jim Chapin, known as the "Father of Jazz Independence," has written one o f the most popular drum set books of all time. This classic work should be in every drummer's library as there is always something new to learn and develop from this masterful book.

Whether for a beginner or an accomplished d rummer, this system will greatly improve independence and coordination, sti cking, power, and speed and endurance on the drum set. Dedicated to Sanford Moeller, this book proves Jim's teaching techniques like no other.