Rose Room - Studio Orchestra Arrangement




Product Code: JLP-8306
Author: Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-8306

Artie Shaw had enough of the music business in 1939, so he simply walked out on his band and went to Mexico for a rest. In 1940 he was living in Hollywood after returning from a vacation in Mexico. In need of some money and to fulfill his RCA Victor recording contract, he made some recordings with a studio orchestra (big band and strings). One of those recordings, 'Frenesi,' became a smash hit, and Shaw became a bandleader again. With the power of a hit record, he figured that if he was back in the band business, he would do it his way, with 3 violins, viola and cello added to his big band. He accepted an offer to lead the house band on the Burns &Allen Radio Show during the summer of 1940. During this time, Shaw's new band was playing in San Francisco and he traveled to Hollywood once a week to do the radio show. His studio orchestra book was made up of new arrangements plus adaptations of his past hits. He hired Lennie Hayton to become one of his staff arrangers. One of the projects was the modification of Shaw's 1939 arrangement of 'Rose Room' to fit this ensemble. Shaw served in WWII, and in 1944 he put together a new band without the strings. At this time Harry Rogers added baritone saxophone, trumpet 4 and trombone 4 parts (considered optional). All of these modifications have been put together for this publication of Rose Room. We feel certain that Shaw would approve. Ranges: Trumpet 1: to C6 ; Trombone 1: to Bb4 .