Portrait Of Edward Kennedy Ellington - Big Band Arrangement




Product Code: JLP-8465
Author: Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-8465

The Charlie Barnet band took inspiration from Duke Ellington's band. It was only natural that arranger Dave Matthews would compose a piece in hommage to Ellington and his music. Portait of Edward Kennedy Ellington was written and recorded in 1949. This multi-section work features brass on plungers. Soloists include trombone, alto sax, and soprano sax (the alto sax soloist doubles soprano). The brass ranges are very high; after all, this was a band that had in its trumpet section both Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen! There were several cuts that were made to the music in the recording studio. Some of these cuts may be been made for time reasons due to the overall length of the composition. We have restored the piece to its original length. This is a monumental work that would make a fantastic band showcase for any festival or competition! Ranges: Trumpet 1 & 4: to G6 ; Trumpet 2: to D6 ; Trombone 1 &2: to D5 ; Trombones 2: to Bb4.