Jazz Phrasing Studies Volume 1 - Band Director Pack of 20 Books

Pack of 20 Books

Pack of 20 Books




Product Code: JPS-BD20
Author: Greg Fishman
Publisher: Greg Fishman Jazz Studios
Instrumentation: Universal Edition

Special Band Director Pack of 20 books!

Jazz Phrasing Studies features ten melodic pieces that are easy to play, yet convey the essence of mainstream (Swing/Bebop/Bossa) jazz vocabulary. The pieces are catchy and melodic, demonstrating the use of sequence and voice-leading to make a musical statement.

Jazz Phrasing Studies is perfect for individual and ensemble use. Band directors can order multiple copies, hand out the books to the entire band, and they're set for the entire year with ten great songs that can be used for daily warm-ups, phrasing studies, sight-reading, intonation training, section balance, etc. The format is perfectly designed to instantly create customized arrangements featuring each section of the band playing at different rehearsal letters of the songs.

Jazz Phrasing Studies provides valuable insights into a melodic approach to jazz improvisation. This book is recommended for all musicians looking to improve their tone, articulation, phrasing and understanding of thematic development.

Special Features of Jazz Phrasing Studies – Volume 1:

• Universal Edition – includes transposed parts for all C (treble & bass clef), Bb and Eb instruments.

Suggested Use Section - Provides detailed instructions on a variety of ways to work with the book.

• Style & Analysis Section - Provides clear, concise explanations of sequence and thematic variation.

• Play-along CD features demonstration tracks played by Greg Fishman on alto & tenor saxophone, Victor Garcia on trumpet and Russ Phillips on trombone. This approach gives the player an opportunity to match their tone, style and phrasing with a wide variety of instruments.

• Each song works well as a "head-chart" for concert performance with ensembles, easily opened up for multiple soloists.

• Perfect for saxophonists looking to work on their "doubles" of flute and clarinet.

• Features the same great songs as Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone Volume1, but in a universal edition.


Ogden Avenue (trumpet)
Narragansett Avenue (tenor)
Belden Avenue (trombone)