Jazz Singing: Developing Artistry and Authenticity






Product Code: JS
Author: Diana Spradling
Publisher: Sound Music Publications
ISBN-13: 978-0980210408
ISBN-10: 0980210402
Publisher SKU: SMP07-073

by Diana Spradling

The book vocal jazz artists have been waiting for! Finally, here is a substantial definition of what vocal jazz artists actually do physically and vocally. The findings are based on over three decades of teaching and almost four years of acoustic research including a study of 20 jazz artists from the first generation of modern jazz singers.

Learn 9 different uses of vibrato. Learn how to practice and execute appropriate vowels, diphthongs and text treatment so as to sound more authentic. Study 10 common elements of 6 complete transcriptions of scat/improvised solos that can improve your artistry and authenticity as a jazz vocalist.