Jazz Session Trainer: The Woodshedder's Practice Kit – E Flat Edition

Softcover w/Audio Online

Softcover w/Audio Online




Product Code: JST-E
Author: Larry Dunlap
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 9781495027390
Publisher SKU: 147682
UPC-A: 888680074975

Jazz offers more room for individual expression than perhaps any other style. In the pages of this book are materials that will prepare you for joining in jam sessions. Here you will find useful scales and exercises to improve your facility, etudes written to the chord changes of common jam session tunes, choice licks to play over small harmonic cells, and chord charts to 50 commonly played jazz session tunes. Chapters include: jam session etiquette, use of scales in improvising, exercies to improve chops, jazz etudes and licks, introductions and endings, practice suggestions and practice planner.